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How to protect your business from a cyber attack

Hackers don’t discriminate between mega-corporations and small businesses: Every organization with an Internet connection is at risk >

Mind the Gap: Women in business

In Alberta, women hold 11 per cent of board positions on TSX-listed Alberta issuers and occupy eight per cent of executive offices - a long way from equality >

Northern Gateway: a "missed opportunity" for nation-building project

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Northern Gateway decision was made in the best interest of nearby communities. But if 31 First Nations and Métis groups lose out, was it really? >

20/20 Series: What makes a great leader?

For the inaugural story of Alberta Venture’s 20/20 series, we talk to former prime minister Kim Campbell about what makes a great leader – and what makes Alberta’s unique >

Who is behind Alberta's fastest growing companies?

We find out their secret to success >

Fitter, Farther, Faster: Fitter International is number four on our Fast Growth 50 List

Louis Stack started out selling homemade fitness products from his van. Now, Fitter International is growing as desk dwellers embrace the “active office” >

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How to create a healthier workplace

January is all about newness and revitalization. Follow the New Year, New You mantra and transform your workplace into a healthier, happier environment >

Jan 13, 2017

The women behind Ryan Murphy construction

Karen Ryan and Lara Murphy have built a general contractor traditionally, with a few twists  >

Jan 6, 2017

Software Mavericks: Riva is number one on our Fast Growth 50 list

Aldo Zanoni identified a market before consumers realized it was there. In 2006, Riva International created a CRM integration system that disrupted the industry and propelled the company to international success  >

Jan 4, 2017

Alberta's Fast Growth 50

The 50 fastest growing companies in the province >

Jan 3, 2017

AV Plus – December 2016: Merry Christmas and Happy News Year

Before reminiscing about the year’s top news stories, Alberta Venture’s editorial team asks why so many people are leaving Alberta for greener pastures. Then we look at our magazine’s twentieth Business Person of the Year Award winner, Enbridge’s Al Monaco, and segue into a conversation about social license and the future of pipelines. Finally, concluding our last podcast of 2016, we talk about the future of the Progressive Conservative party and Sandra Jansen crossing the floor to join the NDP. See you in 2017. >

Dec 22, 2016

Calgary's Green Line vs. Edmonton's Metro Line

Alberta's two major cities are expanding their LRT systems, making it easier for suburban dwellers to venture into the city cores >

Dec 22, 2016
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Swimco is a family affair - with Lori Bacon at the helm

Bacon has been with Swimco through it all: from its humble beginnings in the family basement to its expansion throughout Alberta and B.C >

Jan 16, 2017

Alberta, post-Trump

Alberta’s aggressive climate plan clashes with Trump’s climate-change denial  >

Jan 3, 2017
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Baytex Energy stock is a sleeper pick

While the energy company is highly overleveraged, it will turn quickly with rising oil prices >

Dec 30, 2016

How to prepare for an upswing in oil prices

Oil and gas companies should prepare for the next oil boom, if there is one  >

Dec 27, 2016

John Stanton was born to run

Founder of the Running Room, John Stanton turned his hobby into a successful retail venture, and now coaches others to lead a healthier lifestyle >

Dec 23, 2016

Christmas shopping actually can be good for you

The case for materialism  >

Dec 15, 2016
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