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Alberta Drought 2015

In this special web series, Alberta Venture tells the story of the latest hardship to strike Alberta's producers >

Sphere of Influence: Will the NDP approach to pipelines work?

Plans represent a massive shift in Alberta’s public stance on oil pipelines >

Supermarket shortage is hurting many Calgary neighbourhoods

“Access to food is considered one of the main social determinants of health,” says Susan Brooke, community impact planner at United Way of Calgary and Area >

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Tourism at Work (Sponsored)

The visitor economy is a core component in diversifying Alberta Business >

Jul 20, 2015

Alberta's 50 Most Influential: The Five Most Viewed Profiles

You'll never guess who the most-viewed member of our 50 Most Influential list is... >

Jul 24, 2015

Tired of WTI: Tim Pickering introduces the Canadian Crude Oil Index ETF

Canadians lack the ability to track the price of Canadian oil. That’s changing. Now it’s time to give investors some of that market >

Jul 22, 2015

Alberta's financial services industry is on the rise

Following the money in the province's booming banking sector >

Jul 22, 2015

The Disruptors: New online lenders want to cut out the bank

Startups go directly after borrowers and cut banks out of the equation. But can they really shake things up? >

Jul 20, 2015

Mayor Rod Shaigec on Parkland County's state of agricultural disaster

The farming community just outside of Edmonton has experienced the driest conditions in between 50 to 100 years >

Jul 15, 2015
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On the Money

On the Money: Why Surge Energy is a good bet

Low debt, juicy dividend and a low-cost play are what I’m looking for >

Jul 29, 2015

AV Explainer: What's behind the Ice District name change?

We asked some marketing experts for their thoughts on the name change >

Jul 13, 2015

Cool reaction to downtown Edmonton's "Ice District" re-brand

Vote: What do you think of the new name? >

Jul 13, 2015
Essential Alberta

The week ahead: Leaked energy strategy could fast-track new oil sands pipelines, $36B LNG deal debated in B.C.

Plus: Iran nuclear deal close, and Greece avoids economic collapse, but for how long? >

Jul 13, 2015
Essential Alberta

Stories we're watching: Greek banks teeter on economic collapse, loonie and oil hit 3-month lows

Plus: Toronto considers emergency debate on Uber, and economists brace for weaker jobs numbers >

Jul 6, 2015

Influence for the Ages

Premier Notley has the opportunity to put Alberta on the right side of history >

Jul 3, 2015
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